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Week 1
Welcome to Week 1:

Lesson 1:
Is inflammation affecting you in more ways than you realize?

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Week 1 Lesson 2
Download Your Free Gift: Peace of Cake – The Secret to An Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Elimination Of Inflammation With Water:

Must watch – Crucial Step To Begin This with your child TCEK Tip:

Week 1 TCEK Tip – Water:

Week 2
Challenge #1: Swapping Out PROCESSED Sugar:

Download 40+ Names for Processed Sugar PDF Guide

Panic Stricken Over Sugar:

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Detox – How it feels and how to support your body:

Week 2 TCEK Tip – Sugar:

Week 2 TCEK Tip – Detox:


Week 3

Stop Cravings In Their Tracks & The Truth About GMOs 

Challenge #2: Eat Clean Protein

Week 3 TCEK Tip – Clean Protein

Week 4

An Experiment With Mocktails:

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Week 4 TCEK Tip: You Got This!

Week 5

Movement & Exercise: A Wholistic Approach:

Franken Wheat:

Week 5 TCEK Tip – Playtime:

Week 5 TCEK Tip – GMO’s / Wheat:

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Week 6

Challenge #3: Remove Cow Dairy This Week PLUS Awesome Food Swaps:

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How Deep Breathing/Meditation Can Heal Your Nervous System

Week 6 TCEK Tip – Cow Dairy:

Week 6 TCEK Tip 2 – Meditation:

Week 7
Challenge #4: Inflammatory Oils Food Swap:

Challenge #4: Inflammatory Oils Food Swap:

My Favorite Guided Meditations

A few of my all-time favorite Guided Meditations to continue with last week’s breath work

Healing Space Meditation (14 minutes)This meditation comes from Sanoviv Medical Institue where I received my Lyme treatment. During my three week stay in Sanoviv, this meditation brought me out of a mental funk and allowed me to begin manifesting the most potent healing. It is one of my all time favorites.
You can grab it here:

Kelly Howell Healing Meditation (30 minutes) – this is longer, but also super potent and almost has a story melody to it. This is the one that is extra powerful when using headphones. I listened to this every single day for nearly a year when I started meditating and felt a dramatic shift in my wellbeing.

You can grab it here:

Kelly Howell Short Brain Wave Meditation (9 minutes) – Guided meditation by Kelly Howell of Brain Sync layers theta wave binaural beats in soothing music to relieve anxiety, relieve stress and refresh your energy.
You can grab it here:

Week 7 TCEK Tip – Inflammatory Oils

Week 8

Week 8 Putting It All Together & Falling Off The Wagon

Stickman Figure Review

Review your Stickman Figure to see how your symptoms (physical & mental/emotional) have improved or reversed.

Download your Stickman Figure here.

Week 8 TCEK Tip – Putting it all together!

Week 8 TCEK Tip

Week 8 TCEK Tip – Next Steps!

Week 9 Bonus Week!

WEEK 9 of this video course, is a BONUS week to catch up if you fell behind during our time together – or if I was unable to host our weekly group call due to traveling.

I also want to give you a 3 part video series on: HOW TO TRAVEL & MAINTAIN ANTI-INFLAMMATORY EATING

You can find the videos by selecting “Mark As Complete” or  “Next Category.”


How to Travel & Maintain Anti-Inflammatory Eating

How To Travel and Maintain Anti-Inflammatory Eating – Part 1

How To Travel and Maintain Anti-Inflammatory Eating – Part 2

How To Travel and Maintain Anti-Inflammatory Eating – Part 3

A Scavenger Hunt Through the Airport for Healthy Snacks

How to Order in a Restaurant

When You Are Tired And Hungry

Bonus Masterclass

Feel Better Now: The Secret To Maintain An Anti-Inflammatory Diet Masterclass

Heal Now

The Clean Eating Kid

Bonus Coaching Call 10/16/18

Q&A: Lyme, Parasites, Hormonal Imbalance, Neurotoxins AND….. HONEY!

Bonus Coaching Call 1/25/19 – 99 Questions in 70 minutes

A Beautiful State

Interactive Q & A Coaching Session 3-19-19

Guided Meditation

Jennifer Hawks: Natural COVID VACCINE

Elena Radford, Peruvian Shaman

Facebook Live with Courtney Townley

Courtney Townley

Chrissa Benson Founder of Physical Kitcheness

Ryan Lee Founder Of Rewind Bars

Jenn Edden

Tonya Harris – Environmental Toxins Specialist

Tamara Arnold

Patricia Lohan talks how to heal with Feng Shui in the home

Sarah Nannen – How to move through grief so you can heal

Kathie Chandler: Medical Intuitive


Healing Beyond Nutrition & Lifestyle

Leah Carver: Biohacking of the Ancients

Adamaris Mendoza

Jess Camilla Oneal How to thrive, not just survive from trauma

Alexandra Stockwell talking about Relationships.

Modern Day BioHacking Part 1

Modern Day Biohacking + Gut Health PART 2!

3 Steps To Do If You’re Feeling Stuck! – Jenny Carr

Kelli Reese on Self-Love

Molly Szybala

Catherine Scherwenka: Healing PTSD

Serene Mind Mediation with Catherine Scherwenka

Interview with Isa Herrera for Women’s Pelvic Health