Rewind Bars

Rewind Bars are my favorite bar out there, and one of the greatest secrets in the grab-n-go bar department! These bars are relatively new to the market, and made by a company with incredible integrity when it comes to using high-quality ingredients. I especially enjoy that Rewind Bars are not only free of inflammatory ingredients but also chock-full of super foods. Now available in a host of delicious flavors such as Coconut Chocolate Chip, Mocha Latte, Cinnamon Coffee Cake, Almond Butter and Jelly, Mint Chocolate Chip, and, of course, their Original flavor, these bars can only be found online at, but I promise – it’s worth the trek to your computer.

Ingredients: Spinach, kale, almond butter, cashew butter, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, pea protein, spirulina, green tea, chlorella, dates, quinoa, coconut, cocoa. Ingredients vary depending on the flavor.

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