Showcased in the Kitchen

Jenny Carr is a leading inflammation expert, speaker, coach and international best-selling author of the book Peace Of Cake: The Secret To An Anti-Inflammatory Diet.

Her children, Tosh and Chloe, have always been her teacher, and The Clean Eating Kid is no different, as it was inspired by her son’s incredible journey of healing his sensory condition, primarily through anti-inflammatory eating.

Jenny is on a very personal mission to help the youngest generation and their families gain health as she too experienced incredible regeneration through anti-inflammatory eating when barely surviving an auto-immune condition due to four strains of Lyme disease and a parasite infection so severe they put holes in many of her organs and ate away numerous endocrine glands.

It has become her calling to help others learn how to adopt and maintain anti-inflammatory eating without feeling overwhelmed or deprived.

Jenny has been featured by major publications such as NBC, ABC, iHeart Radio,Dr. Mark Hyman, US News & World Report, Rancho La Puerta, MindBodyGreen, Well + Good and many more.

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